Outsource your IT Support services and shift focus on the core business activity


Hardware Maintenance offers a range of customizable hardware support services for multivendor systems to help you resolve hardware issues quickly and convenient.

Software SUPPORT

Software-related problems can really slow down a business—not to mention tie up IT staff. We provide a service portfolio that offers comprehensive software technical support, including individual problem fixes and product usage advice, for virtually all of your software products.


Network is a very key feature and infrastructure in any business. It should always be up at all times and responding to network failures should be done in a quick way.

IT AUDIT & Security

In order to succeed in today’s businesses, deploying information technology is one of the various efficient and effective ways in achieving this objective.Therefore, it is important to identify the security loopholes and irregularities or signs of suspicious activities before they actually matter.


Your employee may not understand technical things about your IT Infrastructure. There is therefore need for you to ensure that you have the required technical support from qualified and experienced technicians.


Leveraging today's trend of remote work, we use tools like anydesk, zoom and teamviewer to quickly resolve problems that you may encounter in your day-to-day interaction with IT Infrastructure.


A dedicated support specialists will attend to your problems on the business premises and help resolve your issues.


Network activities, user activities, security, websites and social media performance.


IT support is a prerequisite for a functioning business in today’s world and working with a proven IT consultant is the sure way to obtain competitive advantage

Not all companies or individuals will want to commit to a Fixed price IT Support contract. The best assured way will be to only pay for what you need, as and when you need it. A perfect solution for majority of people and businesses that already have an existing IT Department but just want a little helping hand, possibly extra resources or expertise in certain situations. As well as for small start-up businesses, those who are not truly sure yet how much support they will require as they establish themselves in their business field.

Whatever your issue, be it large or small, our Pay As You Go IT support is, effectively, your own outsourced IT department on tap, but with none of the standing costs of an in-house operation or a support contract.